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- User manual: add section about getting core dumps and backtraces
- User manual: mention `%LOCALAPPDATA%`

- Draw clip start point as red instead of blue
- Port some dialogs to non-blocking AdwMessageDialog
- Use C atomics in MPMC queue (slightly faster DSP performance)
- Build: require GTK 4.13 or above
- Various optimizations
- Build: require gnu17 C standard

- Make splash screen accessible
- Show context menu on track widgets when menu button is pressed on the keyboard
- Fix error when loading demo project
- Fix various GTK deprecations
- Fix automation regions not drawing last part
- Make bar sliders accessible
- Fix reflinking being broken and leaking file descriptors
- Fix drawing issue in audio editor (missing `gtk_snapshot_save()`)
- Build: fix using libadwaita/libpanel as subprojects

- Remove some unused code