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- Add focus ring on all focusable widgets
- Make plugin slot widgets themable
- Implement cycling focus through panels with F6 and jumping to top with F10
- Add bug report template to GitLab
- Ask to save/discard changes when attempting to open another project
- Add toolbars with buttons to reset selection to each filter list in the plugin browser
- Add buttons to add/rename/delete plugin collections in the plugin browser

- Build some external projects with full optimization
- Improve performance when recording automation
- Port some usage of deprecated GtkTreeView to GtkListView/GtkColumnView
- Change audio effect icon in plugin browser
- Cache visible automation tracks to avoid searching for them every time (optimization)
- Update some URLs to point to new services
- Make some dialogs async
- Code formatting: change allowed column limit to 80 and enable PenaltyBreakOpenParenthesis
- Subprojects: use libadwaita fork that points to appstream fork with fixes for MacOS/Windows
- Start using glib-mkenums with AdwEnumListModel to simplify presentation of enums

- Fix memory being allocated in DSP thread when recording automation
- Fix crash in CPU usage widget (add/remove source callbacks on map/unmap)
- Re-enable tooltip in CPU usage widget
- Fix various GTK deprecations
- Fix some issues with focus

- Remove height requirement for inserts/sends inside channel widgets