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- Add monitor output meters in the header
- Add Macedonian translations
- Add pitch shift audio function
- Auto-scroll in the tracklist when dragging tracks and hovering towards the edges

- Update Catalan, Japanese, Russian, French translations
- Stop using `g_slice_*()` (deprecated in GLib)
- Simplify CSS for separators
- Move velocity settings to new toolbar in the bottom of the piano roll (fixes being unable to drag velocity bars when set to high values)

- Fix audio files not being saved properly when saving the project after applying an audio function
- Fix error when routing to/from a port that has display unit info
- Fix minor memory leak
- Fix track/plugin inspect not immediately displaying the track/plugin properties
- Fix occasional crash when exporting the project (fix not deleting the source function after disposing an EditableLabelWidget)
- Fix occasional crash when adding a plugin to a collection
- Fix no sound when using Pipewire (regression from previous release)
- Fix right-clicking on inserts not working on Windows
- Fix error when attempting to paste an empty selection