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- Audition notes when moved with arrow keys
- Show value when hovering faders and balance controls
- Double click on faders and balance controls to set precise values
- Control-click on balance controls to reset their value

- Audition notes on draw and on click instead of on move
- Show track inspector when double clicking on a track in places other than the track name
- Don't start DnD on tracks until minimum movement threshold is reached
- Minimize waiting time when creating tracks and connections for multi-out plugins
- Scroll to middle of piano roll when first shown

- Fix incorrectly allowing bypassing snapping in autofill mode
- Fix editor region being unset when moving tracks
- Fix not propagating errors when performing some actions
- Fix incorrectly allowing auto-save to continue while pre-rolling or counting in
- Fix resetting faders and balance controls not being undoable
- Fix not being able to cut regions near the edges with alt-click
- Fix not being able to change parameter values for VST plugins in generic UI text fields