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- Home/End key shortcut for moving to the start/end of the project
- Option to select note notation in the piano roll
- Ability to select notes in a given pitch in the piano roll
- Ctrl+0 shortcut for zooming to default level

- Show message that BPM/time signature automation is experimental
- Show channel slot context menu on mouse release instead of mouse press
- Skip autosave if any toplevel window is on top
- Update Catalan, French, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Portuguese (Brazil) translations
- Redesign port/arranger object info dialogs
- Disable Guile scripting interface on MacOS

- Fix wrong tooltip message on automatable selector in track lanes
- Fix track lane names getting ellipsized despite there being enough space
- Fix crash when splitting large audio clips
- Fix "Move Tracks Under Group" option not working when setting the direct output of selected tracks to a new group
- Fix given time range not being taken into account when exporting MIDI