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- Optimize track processing: only check MIDI control ports that had changes
- Add search functionality to automatable control selector popover
- User manual: add more info about how to report bugs
- Dev docs: add repository management page
- Add more error checking when loading projects

- Update Italian, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, French, Polish, Catalan, Swedish translations
- Use libadwaita widgets and port deprecated widgets to new gtk4 widgets in automatable control selector popover
- CLI: ignore case when parsing audio/MIDI backend names
- Project format has changed from zstd-compressed YAML to zstd-compressed JSON (#4763)
- Tests: calculate plugin bundle URI without running a script
- Code formatting: reflow comments
- Rename VERSION to VERSION.txt
- User manual: update section on project file format

- Fix main window not being destroyed when pressing close
- Fix C-format error in localization file

- Remove YAML-related CLI options