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- Allow toggling bypass on multiple plugins (#4853)
- Make track sends available to modulator outputs (#4819)
- Add button to show instrument UI in mixer channels (#4422)
- Show markers in editor ruler (#4777)
- Allow changing plugin load behavior (#4407)
- Display bridge status in plugin slots
- Add option to auto-select tracks when selecting regions (#4201)
- Display how many new plugins were detected on each run

- MPMC queue: switch to C11 atomics implementation
- Various optimizations
- Skip engine pause/resume when engine is already stopped
- Make fader buttons smaller
- Show "Unimplemented" message when clicking channel settings button
- Make stretch mode a separate button in the toolbox
- Graphviz dependency is now disabled by default
- Modernize some preferences rows using new libadwaita widgets
- Show more precise positions in event viewer
- Add outline to some cursors

- Fix DnD from the plugin browser being broken when a plugin is selected in the mixer (#4974)
- Fix specified plugin bridge mode being ignored in some cases
- Ignore carla parameters that are not found in input ports on project load (fixes error being thrown when this happens)
- Fix stretch mode icon (#3991)
- Fix original objects disappearing when copy-moving their newly created objects offscreen (#3303)