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- Add primary menu to the header bar

- Port MIDI function dialog rows to new libadwaita widgets
- Port plugin/file browsers to AdwToolbarView
- Change some global keyboard shortcuts
- Move visualizers to bottom bar
- Merge header bar toggles and secondary global toolbar into the main toolbar
- Redesign/merge first-run screen, welcome dialog, project selector and project creator into a new greeter window
- Only set header bar color on main project window
- Mac: don't try to force window on top
- Change some icons
- Don't style window close button
- Use AdwToolbarView for main project window
- Add gradient to progress bars and padding to progress bar captions
- GTK: Force old GL renderer on Windows

- Fix error when copy-pasting audio regions after a BPM change (#4993)
- Zrythm is now fully REUSE 3.0 compliant (fixed license issues reported by `reuse lint`)

- Remove Zrythm logo from header bar
- Remove some buttons that used to be in the main and secondary toolbars
- Remove scripting interface button (out of scope for v1)
- Remove dependency on breeze icons