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- Redesign plugin info label
- Build: port UI files to blueprint format and generate UI files via blueprint-compiler
- Redesign channel views in the mixer
- Update some icons
- Redesign faders
- Link transport control buttons together
- Drop borders from meters and change color gradient
- Unit tests: require less RAM
- Port various dialogs to AdwDialog
- Bump libadwaita requirement to >= 1.5
- Use raised top bar style for main window (#5023)
- CSS theme: Specify named colors `@window_bg_color` and `@dialog_bg_color` instead of coloring specific widget backgrounds
- Debugging: don't set signal handlers when running from valgrind
- Update Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Hindi, Catalan translations
- Install Zrythm icon as org.zrythm.Zrythm.svg instead of zrythm.svg
- User manual: document `--audio-backend` and `--midi-backend` CLI options

- Fix error when sending a bug report for a project with many actions on the undo stack (#5016)
- Fix spectrum analyzer not rendering correctly with ngl renderer (#5008)
- Fix cancel button when exporting stems only cancelling export for the current stem
- Fix device selection dropdown crashing in preferences when opened from the greeter